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                    Extrusion Coating-Laminating Machine

                    • Double-shaft turret unwind and rewind with automatic splicing ensures non-stop operation with minimum wastage.
                    • The user friendly HMI provides convenient adjustment of thickness and speed.
                    • Premium quality long life T-die ensures thickness uniformity.
                    • Specially designed dual drying chamber equipped at anchor coating section ensures high drying efficiency with energy saving function.


                    Extrusion Coating-Laminating Machine

                    Model LN-LE
                    Max. web width 1000 mm / 1300 mm
                    Max. machine speed 200 m / min
                    Max. primary unwind dia. 800 mm / 1000 mm (option)
                    Max. sandwich unwind dia. 600 mm / 800 mm (option)
                    Max. rewind dia.  800 mm / 1000 mm (option)
                    AC coating device gravure coating
                    Applicable web type Printed or laminated material for primary unwind; 
                    Aluminum foil and other plastic film for sandwich unwind

                    Detail Description

                    Extrusion Coating-Laminating Machine

                    Primary unwind
                    • Turret type non-stop splicing at full speed
                    • Automatic tension control
                    • Equipped with web guiding device
                    Anchor coating unit
                    • Automatic tension control
                    • Highly efficient double drying ovens with each oven of 2.4m drying length, equipped with energy safety mechanism
                    • Suitable for water based adhesive
                    • Local exhaust for better operation environment and safer production (option)
                    Extrusion and Laminating unit
                    • Quality extruder with premium T-die (Japan or USA made)
                    • Three cooling rollers assembly to provide great laminating performance and achieve excellent bonding strength
                    • Teflon tape roatating device to prevent laminating edges from getting stuck on roller
                    Sandwich unwind
                    • Turret type non-stop splicing at full speed
                    • Automatic tension control
                    • Edge trimming device with rotary cutter
                    • Automatic tension control
                    • Tracking roller device to assist with perfect winding performance
                    • Turret type non-stop splicing at full speed
                    • Lay-on roller for better winding performance
                    • Inverter controlled turret arm rotation